Adulting 101

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Are you a local business, non-profit organization, government agency or individual professional seeking to share your talents, expertise, and knowledge to make a positive impact on the youth in your community? If you answered yes, we need you for our annual Adulting 101: Life Skills for Teens on September 10, 2022!

Adulting 101 is a free one-day conference for middle school and high school teens, ages 13-18, hosted by the City of Woodland Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board and Yolo County Office of Education, and will be held at the Yolo County Office of Education in Woodland. It is an event where teens can learn life skills to become capable, successful adults.  

We are seeking proposals for 50-minute interactive beginner’s level, “How-to” workshops designed to teach basic life skills for youth to help teens be independent and prepared!

The workshop should have an interactive element (NOT sitting the entire class and listening to a lecture presentation) to engage and prepare youth for the future. You can submit a new proposal idea or a proposal idea that the Teen Advisory Board has specifically requested:

  • Career and Employment: How to apply for your first job, resumes, cover letters, interview skills, how to be a good employee, how to quit a job, negotiating benefits and salary, make your passion a career, etc. 
  • Civic Engagement and Leadership: How to vote, legal rights of minors, how to get in touch with elected officials, city council meetings, school board meetings, how to get involved in your community and local government, volunteering, etc.
  • Communication: public speaking skills, conflict resolution, active listening, how to have difficult conversations with parents, teachers or friends, social media etiquette, how to manage email accounts, how to make a phone call, how to write a thank you letter, how to identify trustworthy news, fake news, etc.
  • Creative Arts: How to paint, how to draw, how to sew and make basic repairs, knitting, crocheting, creating a vision board, how to make flower arrangements, fashion on a budget, styling tips, etc.
  • Education: How to take notes, research skills, how to get into college and finance it, deciding on a college major, bachelors, masters, or doctoral degrees, transitioning from middle school to high school, transitioning from high school to college, study tips, organization and time management, etc.
  • Financial Literacy: How to open a checking account, pay bills, budget, save money, build credit, take out loans (credit cards, buying a car, mortgages), plan for retirement, investing, etc.
  • Healthcare: How to find a dentist, doctor, etc., how to choose a health insurance plan, where to find health insurance when you turn 18, etc.
  • Health and Wellness: stress management, how to identify burnout, mental health, self-care, positive self-image, sex education, personal hygiene, daily skin care routine, how to care for curly hair, how to put on makeup, yoga, exercise class, etc.
  • Housing and Housework: How to find an apartment, living with roommates, how to thrift shop for furniture, affordable housing, pay rent, buy a house, how to do laundry, iron clothes, cleaning essentials, what's in a basic toolbox and how to use the tools, etc. 
  • Nutrition: How to grocery shop, healthy cooking on a budget, basic cooking skills, how to read a nutrition label, diet fads, is vegetarianism right for you, etc. 
  • Personal Safety: How to render first aid and CPR, medical safety, how to read a medication label, how to use a fire extinguisher, self-defense, etc.
  • Relationships: How to overcome shyness and make friends, how to identify toxic relationships, how to break up with a friend or significant other, maintaining healthy boundaries, having a loving relationship with yourself, etc.
  • Sustainability: How to be earth-friendly, recycle, compost, reduce consumption, minimalistic lifestyle, reuse and repurpose items, grow a garden, save resources, how to do basic repairs, help endangered animals, etc.
  • Taxes: How to fill out a W-2, W-4s, how to file your taxes, refunds, etc.
  • Transportation: How to ride a bus, bicycling safety, how to get your license, purchasing a reliable and safe car, car maintenance, how to change a tire, check fluids, oil change, etc.
  • Traveling: how to travel on a budget, staying safe abroad, packing for a trip, staying healthy while traveling, wilderness survival skills, how to make a campfire, etc.

If you are a qualified expert in one or more of these topics and you have the patience and passion to work with youth, please fill out the Adulting 101 Call for Workshop Proposals form online by May 20, 2022.  If you have any questions, please reach out to the Teen Librarian, Sara Day at

The Teen Advisory Board, guided by the teen librarian, will be selecting the proposals and notifying participants in May. Adulting 101 is made possible through Yolo County Office of Education, Measure J, and Friends of the Woodland Public Library. We are excited for this year’s Adulting 101 and look forward to your involvement in helping youth!