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The ZIP Books program is a way for customers to request books that the Library doesn’t own. The item is shipped directly to you using Amazon Prime.


  • Item may be a Book, a Large Print Book, or a Book on CD
  • Item must not be available in the Woodland Public Library or through our partner libraries.
  • The cost of the item should be under $75 for Audiobooks and international language materials and under $50 for books and large print.
  • The Item is available through Amazon Prime.
  • You must have a Woodland Public Library card in good standing (not owe more than $5.00)
  • Best Sellers in alternative formats only (large print and audiobook)

How to use it:

  1. Fill out the Zip Book Request Form.
  2. Staff will review your request, and if your request is approved the item is ordered from Amazon and shipped directly to you via Amazon Prime. Please notify us of any change to your address!
  3. Keep the item as long as you want. When you are finished, return item to the Woodland Public Library book drop in the envelope it was shipped with. All items checked back into Woodland Public Library during this time are placed in a 96-hour quarantine before being processed. The item must be returned in order to request an additional item.
  4. Once you return your ZIP book you may order another. Repeat for a total of 5 times per month.


Zip Books is a statewide project of the California State Library and NorthNet. The Project is funded by the California Library Services Act.