Book Witch

Square One is now offering weekly craft classes for adults on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Each week the same craft is offered on both days. Register HERE.

Most equipment is available to learn and use on a drop-in basis, but patrons are required to take a Basic Use and Safety class to independently use the laser cutter, 3-D printers, woodshop, sewing machines, electronics bench, and digitization station. Reservations for these weekly classes can be made HERE.

All tools and space in Square One are available on a drop-in basis, space permitting. A few pieces of high demand equipment (laser cutter, 3D printer, woodshop) can be reserved for 1 hour slots. 

The Fine Print: Patrons are requested to book no more than two reservations per week per piece of equipment. Reservations are forfeited after 15 minutes and become available for drop-in use.